Why Data Erasure before disposal??

Confidential or sensitive data that falls into wrong hands can lead to loss of property, business, reputation and resulting in civil and criminal liability. It is not enough to delete, reformat or overwrite sensitive data, so you need to have data erasure service before disposal.

When will you need the data erasure services?

  • Upgrading computer
  • Hard disk with confidential data before disposal
  • Data erasure before leasing end or move

Scopes of Data Erasure Services:

  • Onsite Data Degaussing Service
  • Physical Destruction Services
  • Storage Media Disposal

Data Erasure Process:

  • Onsite data degaussing service will be performed by our experienced technicians with necessary tools
  • Whole process of data degaussing service will be monitored by customer
  • Independent certification of data degaussing service will be provided
  • Data destruction will be executed by customer’s request.
  • Environmentally disposal of media after data destruction